“Gullan is proof that love is the most powerful
force in the universe.”

Found and Lost

Found and Lost is an explosive, devastating, entertaining and often hilarious adventure story about Lucy Lewis, daughter of a prominent billionaire. Lucy was just a baby when she was swallowed up by the devastating Great Earthquake of China...

Coming soon

Found and Lost is just the beginning. More stories about the quest for truth, bravery, inspiration and heart-opening adventures await you.

Project Orange

Book 2 of The Great Way Series.
When world leaders discover a covert experiment involving a group of children forced into a life of ascetism and spiritual training, the children become wanted and hunted for their powers as the most dangerous weaponry in human history. Lucy Lewis is the only one who can save them.

The last of the Sun

Book 3 of The Great Way Series.
When renewable energy takes a dangerous turn and the world runs out of sunlight, Lucy Lewis has more important work to do as she leads the way for the human race to not only survive, but thrive.

The Blue Babies

Book 4 of The Great Way Series.
Some souls have such important work to do they come into the world for a short time only. Lucy Lewis has yet another mission––to connect the power and purpose of the Blue Babies from around the world to help them achieve their greater purpose.

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